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Ingredient Superstar - Shea Butter

What Is Shea Butter

Shea Butter Refined is extracted from the nuts of the Karite tree in Africa. In many parts of the world it is known as Karite Butter. Used for centuries, in all manner of body treatments, Shea Butter has a slightly smoky smell and silky feel on the skin and hair. Shea butter is still extracted manually by a process that involves the collection, cleaning, segregation, drying, and pounding of the dried nuts into a paste. The fat-rich seed paste is then mixed with water and agitated by hand to separate the butter which rises to the top in the form of curd. This top layer is collected, and then purified by melting it into butter oil and then filtering it out and cooling.

Why Should I Use It?

Shea Butter Refined is one of nature's best emollients and is well known for it's smoothing, and softening, effect on hair. High in vitamins A and E, it adds healing benefits to balms and conditioners. Shea butter has the ability to soften frizzy hair and make it more manageable. When Shea butter is applied on the hair, it prevents the hair from drying out and becoming brittle. It seals in the moisture by coating each strand of hair in a thin, non-greasy layer of fat.

We 💖 Shea Butter and it is one of the key ingredients in our Oatmeal Cookie Daily Moisture Masque. We love how this product makes the hair touchable and soft while sealing in moisture. We recommend applying it to the scalp and massaging in to sooth dry itchy scalps. It is light enough to use daily and will wash out easily with our Key Lime Pie Organic Clarifying Shampoo.

Have you tried our Oatmeal Cookie Moisture Masque? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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