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Resized Sage + Citrus Multipurpose Clean
Resized Sage + Citrus Multipurpose Clean
Resized Sage + Citrus Multipurpose Clean

Owner and Creator of The Curl Shop


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Untitled design (1).png

For nearly a decade, Jasmine Scales has been slaying the hair industry, one client at a time, currently sharing her wide range of stying talents in the city of Atlanta.

After earning her cosmetology degree in 2012, Jasmine immediately immersed herself into the world of professionally styling and hasn’t looked back since. Despite Atlanta’s saturation of hairstylists, Jasmine remains highly sought after – “booked and busy,” as they say – and yet “booked and busy” is actually an understatement. Between Jasmine’s hair clients, her rising blogging platform, and her most important roles, wife and mother of two daughters, Jasmine’s hands are full, and so is her heart.


“I’ve always had a passion for hair,” Jasmine shares. “I’m a creator in every sense of the word, from my job as a stylist to the way I parent my children to the creativity and love I pour into my relationships. It’s what I’m called to do.”


And “called to do” is absolutely right, as Jasmine has acquired and maintained uber-satisfied clientele since 2012.


Steadily upholding the motto “healthy hair is good hair,” Jasmine’s goal remains the same with each unique client – uphold the integrity of one’s hair and make hair health the priority.

But Jasmine’s skills span far beyond the styling chair. As an educator of the cosmetology world, Jasmine’s mission is to educate others about the steps and products needed to achieve maximum hair health.

As her life and respective studies have evolved, Jasmine has realized the dire need for quality hair care products to maintain the glory of beautiful, healthy curls, and thus, the birth of The Curl Shop.

“I actually started this company before I had my second daughter. The Curl Shop was inspired by my firstborn, Disaya. Disaya has a head full of hair, and I tried to implement a regimen to clean and strengthen her strands, but she hated wash day and everything that followed,” Jasmine recalls. “She would scream and cry which made wash day a struggle for us both.”

So, Jasmine used a strategy many parents are familiar with – innocent bribery – offering a few sweet treats in exchange for a peaceful wash day.

“Disaya has always been obsessed with sweets, which gave me the idea to merge something she loves with something she hates in the hope of a happy medium, and my quest to create yummy-smelling products was underway. So, in 2015, the creation process of The Curl Shop began. For every desert-inspired product I created, I made a dessert recipe to accompany it. This gave Disaya something to look forward to and allowed us to finish wash day, sans tears!”

The Curl Shop products are for everyone, with an emphasis on textured hair. Healthy hair is at the root of TCS’s mission (no pun intended), and this sweet shop has turned into a family passion, too. Despite her daughters’ age gap, they both understand the core of Jasmine's mission - establishing and maintaining optimal hair health and big smiles.

To start your The Curl Shop journey, please click here.

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